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Ski Solutions Snow Overview

Last updated: February 25, 2018 03:05


he vast majority of Alpine resorts saw light snow this week, continuing on Thursday the 22nd February with many resorts expecting only small accumulations. The exception is the Italian Piedmont and resorts around the Matterhorn, which are expecting heavy snow over the weekend. Expect heavy cloud cover to limit visibility almost everywhere other than at the highest altitudes.

The Pyrenees continues to see far heavier snowfall, especially on the French side though also across Andorra, where powder conditions could be found on Wednesday and Thursday due to recent heavy snowfall.

Great conditions are on offer across the vast majority of North America. While Canada is in the grips of a cold spell, a superbly snow filled February has meant pistes are in excellent conditions. While somewhat delayed, winter has truly arrived over the Rockies in the USA, with Utah in particular but Colorado also seeing an exceptionally good past 10 days, improving conditions across the broad. Unfortunately rain fell across the east coast in both the USA and Canada, leading to icy slopes with the potential for more to come over the weekend as the weather continues to fluctuate.

Based on current weather forecasts for the next 9 days, the top three resorts for expected snowfall are:

1. Zermatt, Switzerland , 245cm
2. Macugnaga, Italy, 165cm
3. Cervinia, Italy, 155cm

Snow Reports

Austria Snow Report
This week saw light cloud and snow cover over much of Austria, predominantly on the 20th and 21st, and falling most heavily in the north and east of the country. Temperatures ha...
France Snow Report
Largely, it has been a combination of sunny and cloudy weather over last few days in our French Alp featured resorts. Val Thorens (244cm/290cm) recorded 10cm of fresh snowfall o...
Italy Snow Report
None of our featured Italian resorts have reported snow over the week thus far, with the most recent snowfall being the tail end of last week for most. Clouds have now moved in ...
Switzerland Snow Report
Thursday 22nd February was fairly cloudy across our featured Swiss resorts. Visibility was also an issue in some areas, and light snow was expected to fall during the course of ...
Canada Snow Report
Little had changed in terms of the skiing conditions in Canada this week, with minimal new snow over the past few days, with predominantly sunny skies and bitterly cold temperat...
USA Snow Report
Conditions across much of North America continue to improve, in particular across Utah and Colorado. Snowbird (218cm) and Alta (203cm) are standouts, having seen more than 160cm...

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